Produktbeschreibung FD800

The bench-top FD800+ flaw detectors series combine state-of-the-art flaw detection with advanced material thickness capabilities.

With all the functionality of the top of the range material thickness gauge, the FD800+ series, when in flaw detection mode offers a variety of tool kits which enable fast and accurate flaw detection, ideal for weld inspection, forgings or composite material testing.

Tool kits include:

TRIG enabling location of flaws in both surface distance and depth.
DAC for the creation of DAC curves which are used to inform the operator of the size of any given flaw at any depth.
AWS function provides automatic defect sizing in accordance with AWS D1.1 structural welding code.
AVG/DGS allows automatic defect sizing using probe data, storing up to 64 custom setups.
TCG (time corrected gain) increases gain as distance increases, in order to achieve an over all level of sensitivity for the same flaw/reflector at different distances.

Blanview sunlight readable QVGA TFT colour display
Sizing Toolkits: DAC, AWS, TCG, DGS
Pulse Repetition Frequency: 8 to 333 Hz, adjustable
Screen Refresh Rate: Adjustable 60 Hz
Detection: Z-Cross, Flank & Peak
Automatic: probe zero, probe recognition, and temperature compensation
Measurement: Variety of modes to address a number of applications
Large data storage: 6Gb internal & up to 64Gb external SD slot
Multiple formats: Alpha numeric grid and sequential w/auto identifier
Up to 12 hours of battery life
Data management software



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