Technische Daten FD800

Model & Part Number

FD800DL+ Bench Top Flaw Detection Gauge

Material thickness digits display


B-Scan cross sectional display


B-Scan with digits display


Scan bar display


Coating thickness display


A-Scan display

+ Rectified, - Rectified, Full Waveform (RF) 

Flaw detection modes

TRIG, DAC, AWS, TCG, Zero Crossing, Flank, Peak 

Measurement Mode

PE, PETP (Temp Compensation),

EE (ThruPaint™), EEV, CT (Coating) & PECT

Measurement Rate (Thickness Mode)


Scan mode

Scan bar display


4 readings per second

32 readings per second

6 readings per second

Measuring Range

PE: 0.63 - 30480mm (0.025 - 1,200 inches)

PETP: 0.63 - 30480mm (0.025 - 1,200 inches)

EE: 1.27 - 102mm (0.050 - 4.000 inches)

EEV: 1.27 - 25.4mm (0.050 - 1.000 inch)

CT: 0.01 - 2.54mm (0.0005 - 0.100 inch)

PECT: 0.63 - 30480mm (0.025 - 1,200 inches)

PECT: 0.01 - 2.54mm (0.0005 - 0.100 inch)

Measurement Accuracy

±0.01mm (±0.001 inch)

Measurement Resolution

0.01mm (0.001 inch)

Velocity Calibration Range

256 - 16,000m/s (0.0100 - 0.6300in/ms)

Additional Features:


    High speed scan mode


    Differential mode


    Limit alarm mode


B-Scan display speed

adjustable display speed

Calibration setups

6 factory & 64 user-definable setups

transferrable to and from a PC archive


3 fully adjustable gates:

start, stop, width & threshold


adjustable; impedance matching for

optimising transducer performance

Pulser type

FD800DL+: two tone burst pulsers


manual, automatic gain control (AGC)

with 110dB range with 0.2dB resolution


precision TCXO timing with single shot

100MHz 8bit ultra low power digitizer

Data logging

- 6Gb internal & up to 64Gb external SD slot

- Bitmap graphic capture

- sequential and grid logging

- Alpha numeric batch identification

- OBSTRUCT indicates inaccessible locations

Calibration Options

single, two point, velocity & material type

Transducer recognition


V-path / dual path error correction


Probe zero


Flaw Detection Mode Features



Longitudinal (straight),

or Shear (angle)

Probe Types:

Single Contact, Dual, Delay & Angle

Material Velocity Table:

Contains longitudinal and shear

velocities for a variety of material types


Trigonometric display of beam path,

depth, surface distance, and curved surface correction.

Used with angle beam transducers


Up to 8 points may be entered and used to digitally

draw a DAC curve. Reference -2, -6, -10, (-6/-12),

(-6/-14), (-2/-6/-10) dB. Amplitude displayed in

%DAC, dB, or %FSH


Automatic defect sizing in accordance with AWS

D1.1 structural welding code.


Automatic defect sizing using probe

data. Stores up to 64 custom setups


Time corrected gain. 50 dB dynamic range, 20 dB

per microsecond, up to 8 points for curve definition

Detection Modes

Zero Crossing, Flank and Peak

Display Freeze

Hold current waveform on screen

Peak Memory

Captures peak signal amplitude.


8 to 333Hz in selectable steps (8, 16, 32, 66, 125,

250, 333Hz)

Pulse Width

40 to 400 ns. Selectable step

options 40, 80 & 400 ns (labeled spike, thin &


Frequency Bands

FD800DL & FD800DL+: Broadband 1.8 - 19 MHz (-3dB). Four narrow bands at 1, 2, 5, 10MHz

FD800DL: Additional narrow bands at 5MHz, 15MHz

Horizontal Linearity

+/- 0.4% FSW

Vertical Linearity

+/- 1% FSH

Amplifier Linearity

+/- 1 dB

Amplitude Measurement

0 to 100% FSH, with 1% resolution


0 - 999in (25,375mm) at steel velocity


Blanview sunlight readable QVGA TFT colour display. 115.2 x 86.4mm (4.54 x 3.40 inches) viewable screen

Display Refresh Rate


Units (selectable)

mm or inches


adjustable brightness

Repeatability / Stability Indicator


Battery Type

6 x AA alkaline

Battery Life


12 hours

Low Battery Indicator


Battery Save Mode


Operating Temperature

-10 to 60ºC (14 to 140ºF)

Size (w x h x d)

216.0 x 165.0 x 70.0mm

(8.5 x 6.5 x 2.5 inches)

Weight (including batteries)

2.04kg (4.5lbs)

Case Design

Aluminium case design with gasket sealed end

caps, waterproof membrane keypad

Transducer Connector Type


RS232 Interface


Packing List

Elcometer NDT FD800DL+ gauge, couplant, carry case, user manual, test certificate,

6 x AA batteries, ElcoMaster™ 2.0 software, transfer cable


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